Discord IPFS

DTube IPFS Discord bot enables Discord server members to obtain the IPFS hash of a DTube video at a specified resolution, fetches the video and pins video to local IPFS node (where this bot is hosted). Also pins DSound audio files.

Dependencies required

  • NodeJS with npm command line tools
  • wget
  • ipfs (go-ipfs with a running daemon)

Additional requirements

  • A Discord application for the bot in your Discord account


  1. Clone this repository by typing git clone https://github.com/techcoderx/DTube-IPFS-Bot.git in a terminal window.
  2. Install the required node modules. cd DTube-IPFS-Bot && npm install
  3. Insert the Discord bot token in auth.json file.
  4. Configure the bot by modifying config.json file. If you need help configuring the bot, view the documentation here.
  5. Run chmod a+rx Pinned/rmPins.sh to make unpinning script located at Pinned folder executable.
  6. Run node --max_old_space_size=4000 bot.js to start the Discord bot.

Note: you may need increase the value of --max_old_space_size if several large files are being downloaded at once.

Use the link below to invite the bot to your Discord server:


(where YOURCLIENTID is the client ID of your Discord application)

Unpinning IPFS files

You may choose to unpin all IPFS files that were downloaded by a user by doing the following:

  1. Navigate to Pinned folder
  2. Run ./rmPins.sh DiscordUserID where DiscordUserID is the ID of a Discord user.
  3. Run ipfs repo gc when you're done.

The Discord bot command supports all kinds of links of Steem frontends, such as d.tube, dtube.network, dsound.audio, steemit.com and busy.org. However, this bot only supports DTube videos and DSound audios at the moment. More platform support coming in the next few updates.

How to contribute

If you found any ways to improve on the code, or found any bugs, feel free to create a pull request on the GitHub repository. You can also contact me on Discord techcoderx#7481 if you have any enquiries.

OneLoveDTube channel on DiscordPRs Welcome